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HCG Triumph Review

What Apple is to Laptops, HCG Triumph is to HCG Diet. Did I just overstate? Nope. If you are wondering why HCG Triumph has such a huge reputation is because they are pioneers of HCG Diet. They were the first ones to sell the HCG hormone especially made for the HCG diet.

Quality of hormone:

Similar to HCG complex their quality is superior. In fact, the quality is so superior that when they prescribe HCG that be bought on the online market, HCG triumph is the name. Moreover, their product is endorsed by doctors. You will know what I am talking about when you visit their website.

Cost of a Single Bottle:

A single bottle of HCG hormone costs $79. I know this is not cheap but neither it is expensive. If you were to purchase from NuimgaeMedical you will have to pay a sum of $297 for a single bottle of HCG. Although they sell the hormone to be injected and not orally taken.


Their support is similar to HCG complex. They provide support from both phone and email. Their support does not starts after the purchase but even before you can purchase from them. Interesting eh? Getting support even before you are a customer of theirs. If you have any trouble in purchasing or have questions then you can reach them through their phone system and they will help you with the situation.